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Der Einstieg in Total War: Warhammer 3 - Tzeentch

Total War: Warhammer 3 - Tzeentch Beginner Guide

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If you're looking to play as the Chaos God of Magic, we have the perfect set of tips for you.

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Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, the Chaos God of Magic, Destiny, and Treachery, enters Total War: Warhammer 3, fielding one of the strongest ranged rosters ever before seen. Unleashing terror upon your enemies in clouds of pink and blue fire only adds to the chaotic fun. The faction possesses one of the most visually stunning arsenals currently available.

Playing Tzeentch comes with great opportunities to influence the campaign map via the Changing of the Ways mechanic and strongly affect his allies and enemies alike. This beginner's guide will provide an overview of the various facets of playing the Tzeentch Faction, including army and campaign advice, as well as a breakdown of his unique mechanics.

Updated on April 23, 2023, by Branden Lizardi: With the release of the new Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC, and the introduction of the Mirrors of Madness game mode, TW: W3 has seen a new wave of attention from players, new and old. While the new Chaos Dwarf faction may not directly alter how the Tzeentch are played, we've decided to go over all of our Warhammer 3 content with a fresh coat of editorial polish to ensure everything stays accurate, up-to-date, and easy to read.

Tzeentch's Playstyle

Kairos Fateweaver Casting A Tzeentch Spell On The Battlefield In Total War Warhammer 3

General Battlefield Tips

  • Best Matchup: Dwarfs - due to being extremely slow, they will struggle to close down your ranged units, and their armor won't help them against all of your magical attacks either.
  • Worst Matchup: Slaanesh - very fast flanking units can outmaneuver your defenses and get on top of your backline.

Tzeentch's roster specializes in ranged and magical attacks. Many of your units are high damage dealers. They can melt enemy lines with a barrage of magical firepower if properly protected.

Your overall army compositions tend to be fairly squishy, and the difficulty comes in micromanaging and protecting your ranged units with your limited front-line options.

Fortunately, Tzeentch can utilize his unique Barrier mechanic to help protect his army. A magical shield that recharges over time, Barrier can give your troops the vital seconds needed to launch another barrage of missiles. Buildings and Lord skills that increase your Barrier strength are a great way of passively preserving your unit health without kiting or micro gameplay.


A shield that absorbs damage until depleted.

When not taking damage, the Barrier will slowly replenish.

The maximum barrier size is proportional to the max health of the unit.

You have strong wide options with Chaos Knights of Tzeentch and Doom Knights of Tzeentch, and you can effectively shut down attempts to flank your core of ranged attackers. A variety of Flyers means you can compete in the skies and threaten enemy Artillery, and these strengths only leave you with one slight weakness: your Infantry.

You used to only be able to field poor options such as Forsaken. Still, with the Warriors of Chaos rework, you can now recruit Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch, and, later on, even Chosen of Tzeentch, giving you a great tanky frontline and fixing Tzeentch's biggest weakness.

Some of your ranged can also cope decently in melee, especially Exalted Pink Horrors, but don't count on your frontline holding up long, especially against factions such as Khorne.

Quickly bursting down enemies is vital to battlefield success, as it will help preserve your mediocre frontline. While your spell casters will excel in longer fights, they won't typically have the durability to tank and wait for Winds of Magic to recharge, so try to let their Barrier run down before withdrawing them to safety.

Campaign Tips

Soul Grinder Of Tzeentch On The Battlefield In Total War Warhammer 3

Tzeentch is a late-game monster. Your full builds and doom stacks are extremely powerful, especially in auto-resolve. The number of missile units in your roster means you will have a slight edge when it comes to many passively securing victories, which helps you steadily progress through the campaign map.

The major difficulties you will encounter happen in the early game. Your casualty replenishment rate is somewhat lacking, and you can become bogged down waiting for your troops to heal. You begin your campaigns in relatively nice areas, with multiple options for expansion, but your extremely squishy army can take heavy damage if poorly managed.

A slow early game is recommended, securing safe settlements and provinces while building your infrastructure.

Once you can start fielding armies with many Flamers of Tzeentch, and a frontline consisting of Forsaken/Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch, you can begin to pick up the pace.

Possessing some of the strongest spell casters in the game, leveling your Lords and Heroes is a top priority for you. You possess great flexibility with your spell selections, and single entity doom stacks are a very viable late-game option with your Lords of Change and Soul Grinders.

Key Units

Lord Of Change Doom Knights Of Tzeentch Flamers Of Tzeentch On The Battlefield In Total War Warhammer 3




Flamers of Tzeentch

Low ammo, low range but very high damage ranged unit

These are the go-to units for powering up your armies. While squishy, they can prove useful in melee with their Warpfire ability.

Doom Knights of Tzeentch

Extremely fast flying cavalry unit

Able to compete with most flying units, these flying Beyblades can keep you safe from aerial threats and remove an important angle of attack from your enemies.

Exalted Lord of Change

Devastating caster Lord with powerful offensive spells

Possibly the strongest caster Lord in any Total War Warhammer game, these units come with either the standard Lore of Metal or the new and powerful Lore of Tzeentch.

Utilizing these three units will be important when designing a strong army composition, although Tzeentch has plenty of lesser options to fulfill similar roles.

Unique Mechanics

Tzeentch Technology Tree Panel In Total War Warhammer 3


Tzeentch's unique currency, Grimoires, is required for certain technologies and activating the Changing of the Ways. Grimoires can be acquired in various ways, including battles, buildings, quests, and Unholy Manifestations.

Changing of the Ways

Changing Of The Ways Panel For Tzeentch In Total War Warhammer 3

Your primary way to spend Grimoires, the Changing of the Ways gives you various options for influencing opposing factions and armies.




Transfer Settlement

Transfer control and ownership of one settlement to a new faction.

A fantastic way to secure settlements. Using this on cooldown efficiently secures territory.

Faction capitals cannot be controlled via this mechanic

Open Gates

Open the gates of a major settlement with walls for any battles in that settlement in the next few turns.

Useful for large settlement sieges

Force Rebellion

Causes a rebellion in a region, spawning a hostile army next to a settlement.

Niche, as the rebel army is small and weak

Track Army

Grants line of sight of a target army.

Situational, only useful for enemies trying to flank you

Reveal Faction Intentions

Shows the movement and attack plans of all armies a target faction controls.

Potentially useful for outmaneuvering enemies

Reveal Shroud

Grants total vision of a target faction’s territory.

Similar in use to Reveal Faction Intentions

Halt Faction

All characters have their movement disabled for the faction’s following turn.

Good for when you need to take a settlement quickly without enemy reinforcements

Give War Co-ordination Target

Give a faction a war coordination target even if they are not your ally.

Niche, but can be used to snipe key enemy armies or settlements

Break Alliance

Break the military or defensive alliance between two factions.

Especially useful to prevent potential Confederations

Force War

Force a war between two factions.

Very useful for creating turmoil, especially if you plan to invade the subsequent area and need to weaken the owners

Winds of Magic Manipulation

Pink Horrors And Chaos Furies Of Tzeentch On The Battlefield IN Total War Warhammer 3

Fitting for the Chaos God of Magic, you can alter the flow of the Winds of Magic, either increasing or decreasing the amount in regions of your choice. As a spell-reliant faction, you benefit greatly from increased magic reserves and can reduce the levels in regions you are not currently fighting in.

Daemon Factions receive penalties to various stats at low magic levels and bonuses when it is kept high. Tzeentch is arguably the most reliant faction on this mechanic.

Your Teleport stance also requires sufficient Winds of Magic to use, so keeping an eye on your current levels is recommended if you need an easy attack/escape route.

  • Teleport Stance: A unique stance available to Tzeentch, it acts similarly to the Underway stance used by Dwarfs, Greenskins, and Skaven, bypassing terrain.

Unholy Manifestations and Corruption

Unholy Manifestations Panel For Tzeentch In Total War Warhammer 3

As you accumulate Tzeentch Corruption across the map, you will unlock Unholy Manifestations. The equivalent of Total War: Warhammer 2's Rites, these powerful enhancements come with a cost and cooldown attached but can push you ahead if utilized correctly. When Tzeentch is the Ascendant in the Great Game, his Manifestations are greatly enhanced.

The Great Game: The Chaos Gods will cycle through who is currently the Ascendant, granting the holder stronger Unholy Manifestations. There is currently no way to influence this.

Tzeentch has the following Manifestations available:




Scriveners of Insanity

Disable an allied army's movement for two turns before granting a large number of Grimoires

Very useful, especially if your army remains stationary to heal; this can net you large amounts of Grimoires if you can afford not to move.

Mutagenic Energies

Enables attrition for this army regardless of territory

Situational, but possibly useful if an enemy army needs to travel a long distance to your settlements.

Magic Flare

Barrier Hit Points and Range increase

The buff only lasts for three turns, and while Barrier increases are strong, it can be hard to make full use of this.

Night of Madness

Disable an allied army's movement for three turns before granting extra Tzeentch Corruption in the region, a Winds of Magic increase, and a loss of control in the local enemy province

Three turns spent stationary is quite detrimental to your momentum, but it can effectively build up both Corruption and Winds of Magic in a region.

As well as unlocking later Manifestations, your levels of Tzeentch Corruption come with benefits to you and negatives for your enemies, dependent on the region level.


Iridescent Horror And Screamers Of Tzeentch On The Battlefield In Total War Warhammer 3

Like all Daemon Factions, Tzeentch may create a Cultist settlement within another Faction's settlement. You can create buildings that provide such benefits as extra income or increasing your Grimoires per turn.

You will normally want to prioritize building either Sanctuaries or Repositories, as Grimoires tend to be much more impactful throughout the game than a small amount of extra income.

Tzeentch Legendary Lord Tips

Kairos Fateweaver On The Battlefield In Total War Warhammer 3

Kairos Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch, is the God of Change's chosen Legendary Lord. The Keeper of the Destiny Scrolls lives up to his reputation as one of the Warhammer world's most powerful spell casters. With unrivaled flexibility, thanks to his Fragment skills, Kairos can mix and match his Lores of Magic to suit his current situation.

While not a great melee combatant, Kairos can hold his own briefly and is not as squishy as a standard caster. Decently tanky thanks to his Barrier, Kairos also possesses the option to turn and fly away, allowing both his shield and Winds of Magic time to recharge.

Lord Abilities



Can unlock unique items that can be used to customize Kairos’ spell selection

His best trait, this grants Kairos unparalleled Lore of Magic choice.

Enemy Hero action success chance: -50%

Weak, but can help avoid potentially crippling Wound attempts.

Ambush defense chance:+50% (Lord’s army)

Situational but useful for avoiding sneaky ambushes, especially from Skaven.

It is a testament to the Fateweaver's power that despite his somewhat weak lord effects, he is still one of the strongest Lords in the game.

Important skills to level on Kairos include:

  • Oracle of Eternity
  • Thaumaturgic Rejuvenation
  • Reckoning of Transmogrification
  • Binding of the Walls
  • Prismatic Plurality
  • Greater Arcane Conduit

Kairos has many fantastic skills in his tree, but these are some of the best, as they will increase his spellcasting potential and enable you to perform more frequently and cheaper Changing of the Ways.

Realm Of Chaos: First Ten Turns

Kairos Fateweaver Start Position On Campaign Map In Total War Warhammer 3

When playing as Kairos Fateweaver on the Realm of Chaos map, you will begin your campaign in the Eastern Steppes province, holder of The Volary Settlement.




  • Attack and destroy Shou Lu's army (auto-resolve will be fine)
  • Move to the Northern edge of the territory and recruit two Blue Horrors On Tzeentch
  • Upgrade your Slither of Potential building in The Volary to Rank Two and build an Infrastructure building in the empty slot (your choice)
  • Research Locus of Transformation


  • Transfer Bloodwind Keep to yourself via the Changing of the Ways
  • Place your new Iridescent Horror into your army
  • Move Kairos as far North as possible and recruit one Chaos Furies of Tzeentch and one more Blue Horrors of Tzeentch.
  • Build a Cultist Camp (Obsidian) in Bloodwind Keep


  • Move Kairos right up to your border, and recruit two Pink Horrors of Tzeentch.
  • Upgrade your completed Infrastructure building if able


  • Move and attack the Foundry of Bones (auto-resolve win should be possible, but it is better to fight the battle manually)
  • During the battle, keep your army tight together, and snipe down the approaching Norscan troops.
  • Occupy the settlement
  • Level Route Marcher, Fires of Change, and Glean Magic on Kairos, and Training on the Horror


  • Move Kairos up to the North border and recruit two more Pink Horrors of Tzeentch.
  • Research Cult Whisperer


  • Either move and attack the Fortress of Eyes or move and colonize if it has become a Ruin.
  • This battle can be tricky if your army has previously sustained heavy damage. If so, play it slowly and bring down your enemies with Karios and his spells while your Soul Grinder tanks for you.
  • Loot and Occupy the settlement, and recruit another Blue Horrors (or Chaos Furies/Pink Horrors if one has died)
  • Level Prismatic Plurality on Kairos and Blue Fire of Tzeentch on the Horror
  • Upgrade and repair any available buildings (income is nice to focus on at this point) and choose the Foster Cults Province Commandment


  • Attack and kill the possible Rebel army next to you
  • At this point, there will be different possible outcomes, either Miao Ying will have colonized the Snake Gate or will be on her way, and there may be Kurgan armies roaming around your lands
  • Attacking Cathay directly is not an option for beginners, as their starting army is very tough for you to handle at this point in the game
  • Advancing North and claiming more territory along the Great Bastion is an option, but it leaves you very open to Khorne attacking you from behind
  • This guide will recommend you turn back South to deal with Khorne and allow Miao Ying to occasionally pillage the Fortress of Eyes (she rarely extends further than this)
  • Move Kairos as far South as possible and only recruit more units if you have enough income


  • Keep moving South on March stance
  • Level Glean Magic on the Horror
  • Keep upgrading your settlements, except for Fortress of Eyes, as Miao will likely attack and raid it at some stage.
  • Improve your Diplomacy with Dreaded Wo Warriors of Chaos, and command Sathroreal's Watchers (your allied Tzeentch faction beyond the Great Bastion) to attack Po Mei


  • By now, you should be back in The Volary and can decide whether to recruit more troops for your upcoming contest with Khorne or to save money and rely more on your ability to outplay him on the battlefield.
  • Upgrade any Infrastructure buildings
  • Level Infernal Gateway on Kairos. This spell will be devastating at this game stage.


  • You should now be free to attack and Occupy Floating Mountain, setting you up for your campaign into the Road To Damnation province.
  • You want to save up enough Grimoires to use Transfer Settlement on Zerulous and avoid conflict with the Ogres.
  • Kharneth's Sons can be tough opponents, as Khorne will dominate the melee matchup, so play it safe and don't allow him to get on top of your Pink Horrors.
  • Level Infernal Gateway again on Kairos and Training on the Horror

At the end of this period, you should be well established with your starting province, fostering important diplomatic links and building strength to take on Khorne. Tzeentch's early game will usually be quite slow, so don't rush things and focus on improving your army and leveling Kairos as much as possible.

Further Tips:

  • Once you have defeated Kharneth's Sons, you should have secured your second province and can level The Volary up to Tier Three, where you can now unlock the recruitment of Flamers of Tzeentch.
  • Keep upgrading your Infrastructure, and focus your Research on Transmutation of Ore for higher passive income.
  • Being raided by Cathay may be annoying, but it is easier to build up strength elsewhere before beginning your campaign against them.

Immortal Empires: First Ten Turns

Total War Warhammer 3 Kairos Fateweaver Immortal Empires Start

In Immortal Empires, Kairos will begin his campaign in The Abyssal Glacier province, holding the Fateweaver's Crevasse settlement. The Southern Chaos Wastes is a great start position. It provides good access to various areas of the map but is isolated enough for you to take over and defend comfortably.

Only Oxyotl can challenge you, and you can make friends with some smaller Chaos factions if necessary.




  • Embed your Cultist of Tzeentch into your starting army
  • Attack and destroy the nearby Nurgle army. It should be an easy win (especially if you manually fight the battle and protect your ranged units)
  • Proceed to attack The Lost Palace and Occupy after winning the battle
  • Recruit two Marauders of Tzeentch
  • Level Inspiring Presence and Route Marcher on Kairos, and Increase Mobility and Fireball on the Cultist
  • Research Gift of Mutation in the tech tree
  • Build a Cultist Camp (Furs) in The Lost Palace
  • Upgrade Slither of Potential in your capital, and build a Hidden Library


  • Move right up to your Eastern border and recruit two Blue Horrors of Tzeentch


  • Attack the Volulltrax settlement, protecting your ranged as they should mow down Nurgle's slow infantry and Occupy it
  • Recruit a Marauder and a Pink Horror
  • Level Pink Fire of Tzeentch on Kairos and Kindleflame on the Cultist


  • Move up to your Eastern border and recruit two Pink Horrors of Tzeentch


  • Attack the Skull-Carver's Abode and Occupy the settlement
  • Build a Cultist Camp (Gold) in the Abode
  • Level Fires of Change and Prismatic Plurality on Kairos, and The Burning Head on the Cultist
  • Recruit one Marauder and one Pink Horror
  • Research Way of Deceit in the tech tree
  • Choose Egrimm's Contrivance Algorithm as the province command (Research Rate is very powerful for Tzeentch)


  • Move to your Eastern border and recruit two Pink Horrors
  • Upgrade The Skull Carver's Abode to Tier Two


  • Here, you can choose to either attack Okkam's Forever Maze or, if you are not confident taking the large fight, you can bypass it and attack a smaller settlement, or just siege the settlement and let attrition bring down the defending army to a manageable level
  • This fight will be challenging as Slaanesh has so many units, and you will need to separate them around the walls while making full use of your magic for when they clump together
  • Occupy Okkam's Forever Maze if you are victorious, and level Infernal Gateway and Invulnerable Through Change on Kairos, and Increase Mobility and Burning Head on the Cultist.
  • Recruit any units you have lost so far


  • Move as far East as possible and replenish any lost units


  • Attack Castle of Splendour and Occupy it
  • Level Infernal Gateway on Kairos and Burning Head on the Cultist
  • Research Greater Locus of Change in your tech tree


  • Move South towards Crucible of Delights and recruit any missing units
  • Build a Web of Secrets and Upgrade your Cultists Camp (Gold) in The Skull Carver's Abode and level up Volulltrax to Tier Two

Further Tips:

  • Keep progressing East until you have taken out the Slaaneshi faction, giving yourself two nice provinces.
  • You can either travel West to take out Oxyotl if he has gained some territory or cross the narrow sea and bring the pain to Teclis.
  • North of you are many factions who will hate you, so be prepared for a long campaign against many hostile factions.
  • Try to make friends with the Flaming Scribes to your West, as you can confederate them later on for some free territory.

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